Welcome To Healing Starts Now, Your Auto Accident Resource Center

Healing Starts Now is your resource for information and options following an auto accident. We’ll provide you and your passengers with resources for healing your bodies, fixing your car, and protecting your wallet from damages, learning your rights, and your options on how to become whole again when it comes to healing after an auto accident. Auto accidents are unexpected and can cause undue stress to yourself and your loves ones.

On this site you’ll find what you should do after all accidents — from a minor fender bender to a major crash. Most people are unaware of the proper steps to take, or their rights as auto accident victims.

Use this site as a guide for knowing what do to after an accident. Including but not limited to what do to minutes after an accident, recovering from your injuries, dealing with insurance companies, getting a rental car, reducing your auto repair costs, securing legal advice and other great tips everyone should know after an accident.

We hear all the time that people don’t know what to do after an accident simply because they have never been in one and/or no one ever explained it to them. That is why we are here… To provide your assistance and information after your accident.

“Here is a quick guide to put in your glove box so you have a check sheet and know what to do after an accident.”

Let Us Help You

  • Your Health

    Your Health

    Know how to take care of your Health after an Auto Accident.

  • Your Rights

    Your Rights

    Know your Rights after an Auto Accident.

  • Your Car

    Your Car

    Know how to take care of your Car after an Auto Accident.

  • Your Child

    Your Child

    Know how to take care of your Child after an Auto Accident.

  • Chiropractic Therapy

    Chiropractic Therapy

    Learn how Chiropractic Therapy can help you!